Neuro Transmission Cognitive Theory

is based on Neuro transmission cognitive theory

The inventor of this theory Mr. Shahbaz Khalid is a well known Speech Pathologist/Psychologist/Homoeo Physician

Features of Neuro transmission cognitive theory


A shock experienced by the brain like lack of oxygen can cause central paralysis which could not always be elaborated as a brain death


The affected brain cells may stay alive with reduced blood supply which can hamper decoding, normal K-Na pump functioning and can even cause atrophic changes later on.


Mal/ defective cognitive maps can be developed through neurons lying ineffective in the neighboring of affected neurons i.e. placed cells, tuty- potential cells and mirror neurons accordingly


Due to mal cognitive maps or faulty linkages the language patterns i.e. physical language, receptive and expressive language can be observed as Dyslexia, Disgraphia and un-intelligible speech of children from Cerebral paralysis ( Broca’s Disphasia, Wernick’s Aphasia and major cerebral palsy as well).


At preliminary stage i.e. before starting the neuro-plasticity or within the time of neuro-plasticity, natural pathways can be reactivated using an alternative source of stimulation through vibrational waves gadgets


Simple mechanical vibrational waves are the source of stimulation that could not be affected by the inhibitory phenomenon of the neural activity within central nervous system.


The artificial/ alternative cognitive development may provide a route for further processing or decoding of information through five senses i.e. hearing, vision, touch, taste and olfactory. This artificial cognition is just like a repaired computer hardware that is necessary for efficient functioning of computer system.


The artificial Neuro-transmission is a source of increased cerebral blood flow through enhancement of activity within affected neurons or specific area of the cerebrum to minimize cerebral atrophy and to stimulate sodium-potassium pump of related neurons to activate the process of encoding, processing and decoding of information collected from the body and provides a base for further normal functioning of affected area. However, the level in functional activities co-relates with level of brain damage.


Specific pathways are used to convert sensory information (input) into motor implementations (output). These natural tracts/ maps are significant so as to evaluate one’s perceptions in a broad spectrum. Thoughts processing and perceptions are the arts of mind. Co-operated merge of brain and mind can ooze into healthy cognition rather brain and mind are inter-dependent on each other